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The Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences concludes an academic exchange program in Austria, Italy and Scotland within ROMOR 2018 project 14-07-2018
QOU hosts a Chinese academic delegation and discusses ways of cooperation 11-07-2018
QOU and "Palestinian Initiative for Supporting Students" sign an MoU 10-07-2018
QOU participates in the International Students Short Films Festival in Tunisia 08-07-2018
QOU and the University of Jordan organize "Emerging Issues of Administrative and Economic Sciences and their Role in Improving the Performance of Institutions" conference 08-07-2018
QOU discusses with the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities ways of cooperation 07-07-2018
QOU participates in the International Conference on Future Networks and Distributed Systems 07-07-2018
QOU and the University of Arizona discuss activating the algae production project in Palestine 02-07-2018
QOU participates in organizing the third international conference of the Arab Impact Factor in Dubai 01-07-2018
QOU participates in a training about virtual reality in Greece 25-06-2018
QOU releases the 21th and 22th issues of the educational and psychological studies journal 23-06-2018
QOU and Insan College sign a cooperation agreement 20-06-2018
Electing the President of QOU as a member of the Council of Universities Presidents 19-06-2018
QOU sign an agreement with University researchers to implement research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education 11-06-2018
QOU joins Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Academic Network (BSEMAN) and participates in its founding conference 06-06-2018
QOU and the Bee Breeders Cooperative in Jenin Sign Memorandum of Understanding 05-06-2018
The Faculty of Media receives accreditation from the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission in Higher Education 02-06-2018
A faculty member at Al Quds Open University wins the Gold Medal of Excellence in the Arab Region 02-06-2018
The President of QOU meets the Representative of Poland to Palestine 29-05-2018
QOU, the Ministry of Education and the Teacher Creativity Center sign an agreement to complete the implementation of the Resource rooms 29-05-2018
QOU and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs sign an agreement in the field of students' empowerment 26-05-2018
QOU and Palestine Trainers Association sign a MOU in the field of trainings and capacity building 23-05-2018
QOU and Higher Council sign a MOU to establish "joint distinction for breeding Algae and fodder production Center". 22-05-2018
QOU participates in the 7th. Creativity Conference and wins the second place 16-05-2018
Signing the English version of "Jerusalem: The City of God" book during the Palestine International Book Fair 13-05-2018
QOU participates in the 37th conference of the Association of Arab Universities that was held in Egypt for officials in charge of admission and registration 13-05-2018
QOU and the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs celebrate the graduation of four detainees and sign an agreement 12-05-2018
QOU and Association of Arab Universities inaugurate a training about recruiting technology in the program and institutional evaluation 09-05-2018
The Higher Council for youth & Sports, the French Consulate, QOU, Al-Quds University, Ministry of Social Development and the International Network inaugurate a conference about "The Role of Social Service in Working with Youth: Towards Consolidating the Values of Democracy and Promoting Civil Peace" 08-05-2018
QOU and the General Union of Palestinian Economists sign a cooperation agreement 07-05-2018
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education grants QOU accreditation for "Public Relations and Advertising" major 06-05-2018
QOU and the Virtual University of Tunisia meet to discuss a project about "Improving Arabic Language for Non-Arabic Speakers at the Virtual University of Tunisia" 05-05-2018
QOU and the University of Jordan conclude "Education in the Arab World: Towards a Distinct Educational System" conference 29-04-2018
QOU and the University of Jordan discuss joint cooperation 28-04-2018
QOU and the French Consulate discuss cooperation 25-04-2018
QOU and Reach Education Fund organization sign an agreement 25-04-2018
Hebron: the Opening of "Tourism & Development: Reality & Challenges" Conference 23-04-2018
Hebron: QOU celebrates World Social Work Day 22-04-2018
QOU and University of Jordan finalize preparations for the Education in the Arab World Conference 22-04-2018
QOU discusses academic cooperation with a number of Portuguese universities 21-04-2018
Concluding a training on the Comprehensive Accounting program 18-04-2018
QOU participates in a conference about the Minister Nizam Al Mulk of the Seljuq Empire. 15-04-2018
QOU inaugurates the building of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Computer Sciences, Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Center, Medical Clinic and Laboratory for the Blind in Nablus 11-04-2018
Salfit: The Faculty of Educational Sciences organizes a day entitled "The skills of scientific research in educational sciences" 10-04-2018
QOU, ILO, and Palestine for Development celebrate the outstanding students in (Ibda') program 04-04-2018
QOU participates in the third conference of research and innovation in engineering and information technology and wins the first place for the project "Your land in your hands" 02-04-2018
QOU and the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences discuss the development of cooperation 01-04-2018
Al Quds Open University and Chelyabinsk University sign a cooperation agreement 01-04-2018
Workshop in Khan Younis and Rafah on (Gaza sky Geeks) 01-04-2018
The nomination of Dr. Eng. Emad Al-Houdali as Vice President of the International Organization for Digital Open Space (e-Omed) 28-03-2018
QOU and Ural Federal University sign a cooperation agreement 27-03-2018
Quality Department holds a workshop entitled "Employing technology in program assessment" 26-03-2018
QOU launches a training on Java language 25-03-2018
QOU participates in the 24th forum for students training exchange in the Arab Universities 25-03-2018
Middle East University (MEU) and QOU sign a cooperation agreement 21-03-2018
QOU and Mercy Corps international organization sign an agreement 20-03-2018
QOU and the Palestinian Computer Society discuss technological cooperation 20-03-2018
The Public Prosecution QOU and Al Isteqlal University sign an agreement to organize a conference to fight the scourge of drugs 20-03-2018
QOU participates in the Italian Consulate Cultural Night 20-03-2018
QOU participates in the Eighth International Conference on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Egypt 17-03-2018
QOU President and head of the General Union of Palestinian Economists discuss ways of cooperation 14-03-2018
QOU and Islamic Relief discuss ways of cooperation 14-03-2018
QOU honors the top three graduate projects for trainee teachers 13-03-2018
The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture participates in the opening ceremony of the Sustainable agriculture Station in Jordan 05-03-2018
QOU and the City College sign cooperation agreement to provide education services for Palestinian in 48 areas 03-03-2018
Under the (Erasmus+) projects... Business and economic research center organizes a workshop for experience exchange 03-03-2018
A seminar on developing English language proficiency skills 28-02-2018
QOU organizes the third students creativity forum in Qalqilya branch 27-02-2018
QOU issues a number of scientific books and publications 20-02-2018
QOU and Necmettin Erbakan University discuss cooperation opportunities 19-02-2018
The President of the State of Palestine issues a decision to reconstitute the Board of Trustees of Al Quds Open University 14-02-2018
QOU and the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) sign a memorandum of cooperation 12-02-2018
The American University of Beirut honors a graduate of Al Quds Open University for the best youth initiative for rural development in the Arab region 10-02-2018
QOU and City College discuss ways of cooperation 05-02-2018
QOU inaugurated the Business and Economic Research Center 04-02-2018
QOU President and Ecuador ambassador discuss ways of cooperation 31-01-2018
QOU and the Palestinian Information & Communication Technology Association (PICTA) sign a cooperation agreement 30-01-2018
Al Quds Open University, the Palestinian Education Coalition and Teacher Creativity Center hold a conference entitled "The Reality of Education in Palestine and its Future in the Context of the Fourth Development Goal" 29-01-2018
Holding the annual meeting of the Continuing Education Center and honoring outstanding coordinators 27-01-2018
Faculty of Educational Sciences at QOU joins the scientific society of the educational faculties and colleges in the Arab universities 24-01-2018
QOU participates in the meeting of the scientific association executive committee of arts faculties in the Association of Arab Universities 24-01-2018
Prof. Younes Amr participates in the meeting of the Executive Council of the Association of Arab Universities 23-01-2018
QOU hosts a meeting to assess the practical application of the "anti-corruption" and "corruption crimes in Palestinian legislation" courses 22-01-2018
QOU and journal of Turkish studies sign a cooperative protocol to hold the second international conference for social sciences 22-01-2018
Vice President for Gaza strip Affairs meets a delegation from Assalam Training Group 20-01-2018
QOU hosts a training workshop on "Research Output Management ?for Erasmus + 16-01-2018
QOU, Teacher Creativity Center and Palestinian Education Coalition conclude the preparations for the National Education Conference 14-01-2018
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President of the University and the Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh briefed Mr. Hammad Al-Harazin on the Hassan Al-Harazin Academic Building project in Ramallah 13-01-2018
The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education approve the "Information Security" program 10-01-2018
QOU participates in the meetings of the CCIS in Tunisia 09-01-2018
QOU honors its graduate for winning the best teacher award on the national level. 08-01-2018
The President of the University receives the Secretary General of the Arab Society for Sociology 02-01-2018
President Mahmoud Abbas issues a decree renewing the term of office of Professor Younes Amr for QOU Presidency 02-01-2018
QOU participates in a workshop about modern techniques for cultivating algae to produce protein 31-12-2017
A delegation from the WAFA International visits the University 30-12-2017
Best teacher in Palestine award is granted for QOU graduate 30-12-2017
QOU participates in a meeting for Erasmus+ project on "Virtual Reality" 27-12-2017
QOU participates in an international conference on educational research and educational curricula 23-12-2017
Al-Samou Municipality obtains an EU grant to serve the marginalized areas in partnership with Al-Quds Open University 23-12-2017
QOU applies the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) system for coding published books 18-12-2017