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QOU hosts a training workshop on "Research Output Management ?for Erasmus + 16-01-2018
QOU, Teacher Creativity Center and Palestinian Education Coalition conclude the preparations for the National Education Conference 14-01-2018
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President of the University and the Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh briefed Mr. Hammad Al-Harazin on the Hassan Al-Harazin Academic Building project in Ramallah 13-01-2018
The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education approve the "Information Security" program 10-01-2018
QOU participates in the meetings of the CCIS in Tunisia 09-01-2018
QOU honors its graduate for winning the best teacher award on the national level. 08-01-2018
The President of the University receives the Secretary General of the Arab Society for Sociology 02-01-2018
President Mahmoud Abbas issues a decree renewing the term of office of Professor Younes Amr for QOU Presidency 02-01-2018
QOU participates in a workshop about modern techniques for cultivating algae to produce protein 31-12-2017
A delegation from the WAFA International visits the University 30-12-2017
Best teacher in Palestine award is granted for QOU graduate 30-12-2017
QOU participates in a meeting for Erasmus+ project on "Virtual Reality" 27-12-2017
QOU participates in an international conference on educational research and educational curricula 23-12-2017
Al-Samou Municipality obtains an EU grant to serve the marginalized areas in partnership with Al-Quds Open University 23-12-2017
QOU applies the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) system for coding published books 18-12-2017
QOU participates in an international conference on food security in Palestine 16-12-2017
QOU participates in a meeting with the Minister of Education and Higher Education to discuss The Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories (ROMOR) 16-12-2017
QOU celebrates concluding TOT workshop for Open Educational Resources trainers 16-12-2017
QOU and Malaga University discuss ways of cooperation 16-12-2017
QOU holds its first conference on the students dropout phenomenon 12-12-2017
The Association of Arab Universities condemn Trumps Declaration 12-12-2017
QOU wins the first and second places in Solve it Challenge contest of the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence 11-12-2017
QOU organizes activities to strongly condemn Trumps declaration towards Jerusalem 10-12-2017
A Turkish delegation meets with QOU President and visits Yatta branch and the Agricultural Research Center 10-12-2017
In response to the aggravating declaration of Trump considering Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state.. QOU board of trustees decides to stop all communications and cooperation with American institutions 10-12-2017
QOU publishes the first issue of the Palestinian Journal of Technology and Applied Sciences 09-12-2017
QOU and the Palestinian Union of Social Workers & Psychologist organizes a forum on the International Day for People with Disabilities 06-12-2017
QOU awards the first Master Thesis 04-12-2017
QOU participates in a workshop to evaluate a project specialized in Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in Palestine Higher Education (ROMOR) 04-12-2017
QOU holds a workshop to discuss standards for publication in the refereed Arab educational journals 03-12-2017
QOU receives a delegation from University of Siena 03-12-2017
Delegated by President Abbas Prof. Younis Amr addresses the European Parliament on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 29-11-2017
For the third time in a row, QOU is elected as a member at the Board of Directors of For the third time in a row, QOU is elected as a member at the Board of Directors of Espace Numerique Ouvert pour la Mediterranee e-Omed 29-11-2017
QOU hosts an international expert in Microsoft 29-11-2017
QOU holds "Transformations in the Contemporary Narrative Discourse in Palestine" Conference 29-11-2017
Tulkarm: a workshop about crisis management 28-11-2017
Deanship of Administrative Sciences and Economics organizes trainings for corporat governance contest for students of Bethlehem, Jenin and Nablus branches 27-11-2017
QOU hosts an International quality and accreditation expert in higher education institutions 27-11-2017
Measurement and Evaluation Center launches an electronic training course: "Good Testing" in the self-learning mode 26-11-2017
QOU launches (OJS) source for QOU journals 25-11-2017
The Palestinian Journal of QOU obtains the coefficient of Arab influence 22-11-2017
QOU honors the Dean of the Gernata College and the President of the Socialist Youth League in the Arab world 21-11-2017
QOU signs an agreement with Global United Insurance Company 20-11-2017
QOU holds a workshop on Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in higher education institutions 20-11-2017
QOU and a German delegation discuss research cooperation in a workshop for the German Palestinian Science Bridge and during a visit for Agricultural Research Center in Jericho 18-11-2017
For the seventh year in a row, QOU wins advanced grades at the Creative Student Forum organized by the Arab Council to train students of Arab Universities 18-11-2017
Russian Ambassador to Palestine visits Al Quds Open University and discusses ways of cooperation 14-11-2017
In cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Education represented by Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Centre for Education and Information Technology, QOU develops a course on Open Educational Resources (OER) 13-11-2017
QOU participates in a training workshop in the University of Huddersfield 13-11-2017
QOU welcomes HE Minister of Culture in Gaza 12-11-2017
QOU Welcomes HE Minister of Education and Higher Education 12-11-2017
QOU in Gaza welcomes Fr. MARIO DA SILVA Latin Pastor 12-11-2017
QOU in Gaza Strip Participates in the commemoration of the martyrdom of President Yasser Arafat 12-11-2017
Sixth Palestinian Folklore Conference in Jenin and Al-Jalil concludes its activities in Nazareth 11-11-2017
QOU holds its sixth Palestinian Folklore Conference 11-11-2017
The Palestinian Council of Ministers congratulates Al-Quds Open University on receiving (ALECSO) Award 08-11-2017
MOU between Mahmoud Abbas Organization and QOU 08-11-2017
QOU obtains "ALECSO" Award for mobile applications 07-11-2017
QOU participates in the educational conference "Leading Change in a Changing Digital World" 07-11-2017
Fadi Hammad, President of the Arab Union of Socialist Youth 06-11-2017
Membership of the Preparatory Committee for the third International Conference of the International Association for Blended Learning (IABL) 05-11-2017
QOU and Father Consulting sign a Memorandum of Understanding 01-11-2017
QOU participates in a conference in Turkey about the Palestinian cause 31-10-2017
The Federation of Scientific Research Councils in the Arab world thanks QOU for its participation in holding the Arab Woman in the Human Resources System Conference 30-10-2017
QOU participates in a workshop on the refereed Arabic educational scientific periodicals at the headquarters of The Association of Arab Universities 29-10-2017
Faculty of Agriculture participates in the fifth Scientific Conference of The Biodiversity & Environmental Research Center 'BERC' 29-10-2017
QOU participates in a workshop on Erasmus+ 28-10-2017
The Faculty of Educational Sciences at QOU participates in a training workshop within the project of improving the preparation and rehabilitation of teachers 22-10-2017
QOU receives a thank you letter from UNESCO for its participation in Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress in Slovenia 22-10-2017
The Arab Impact Factor of Al-Quds Open University refereed Journals raised in 2017 evaluation 21-10-2017
Under the auspices of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal, QOU holds a conference titled " Women in the Arab World and Human Resources Development: Empowerment and Increased Participation in the Labor Market" conference 18-10-2017
QOU participates in the International Symposium of Education and Values (ISOEVA) in Turkey 16-10-2017
QOU and Maan Network sign a cooperation agreement 15-10-2017
Funded by Erasmus+: The Center for Administrative and Economic Research organizes a workshop to transfer experiences and knowledge 15-10-2017
QOU participates in a training workshop and meetings of the ROMOR (Erasmus) project in Italy 04-10-2017
QOU participates in the International Forum on Open Educational Resources (OER) 01-10-2017
The President of QOU meets students participating in educational activities abroad and honors Al Quds Bank and the Palestine Investment Bank 01-10-2017
QOU and the Department of Refugee Affairs hold a conference entitled "Palestinian refugees in the camps: reality and challenges" 30-09-2017
QOU organizes a seminar entitled "Towards a long-term vision for sustainable development: Palestine 2050" 26-09-2017
QOU and Gernata College renew their cooperation agreement 24-09-2017
QOU and UNRWA honor students participating in the Emergency Services Assessment Survey Program 20-09-2017
QOU participates in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Arab Council to train students of Arab Universities 18-09-2017
QOU gets accreditation for four new bachelor's programs 16-09-2017
The Center for Continuing Education and the Palestinian Advisory Board graduate the first group of the "Start Your Project" 16-09-2017
QOU and Kadoorie sign a Memorandum of Understanding 16-09-2017
Minister Ali Abu Diak and QOU discuss preparations for the 11th. ICT Day 13-09-2017
QOU and An-Najah University Graduate the first group of teachers within ?Improving the Preparation and Rehabilitation of Teachers of grades (1-4)? Project 11-09-2017
QOU and the Anadolu University discuss the possibilities of cooperation 10-09-2017
The Faculty of Educational Sciences organizes awareness meeting for the second group of teachers in Ramallah 30-08-2017
Discussing cooperation between QOU and the Embassy of Venezuela in Palestine 30-08-2017
Springer International publishes a book on Cyber security with the participation of QOU 29-08-2017
QOU celebrates the graduation of the fourth group of specialized professional diplomas 23-08-2017
A student at QOU finds gaps in Pentagon website 23-08-2017
Jerusalem Governorate and the Journalists Syndicate honor Al Quds Educational Satellite Channel 21-08-2017
Partnership agreement between QOU and Attanal Al Arabi 21-08-2017
Khalil Barghouthi ... The youngest journalist in Palestine 19-08-2017
President of QOU receives a delegation from the Municipality of Al-Ouja and discusses joint cooperation 19-08-2017
QOU and WAFA sign a Memorandum of Understanding 16-08-2017
QOU and Khadouri discuss cooperation in the agricultural researches 14-08-2017
Breaking the jail by completing his university education to draw a smile on the face of his wife and children, prisoner Majdi Rimawi graduates from QOU 14-08-2017