Student activities

Student Activities section is responsible for following-up the  activities of student councils, preparing quarterly budgets for the activities of all the  local councils and regional ones, following up students' complaints and suggestions,  establishing  relations with local community institutions as a contribution to the enhancement of social ties between the students themselves and between local community and higher education institutions in Palestine and abroad, with the aim of adapting students to the educational setting,  contributing to the integration of roles and the efficient communication  among students with other bodies  inside and outside the University.

The Deanship of Student Affairs takes into consideration all the cognitive, intellectual and ethical aspects that ensure effective participation of the students in a diverse range of activities that include sports, cultural, social, scientific  activities etc. to help students integrate in all aspects.

The Deanship of Student Affairs, through voluntary work, seeks to achieve social and humanitarian responsibility and integration with the institutions and to invest in the capacities of its students in a way that enhances the spirit of patriotism and belonging, serves the community and provides managerial and educational skills, thus contributing to ensure social opportunities and services that are provided voluntarily by these students.