The Deanship of Students’ Affairs

The Deanship of Students’ Affairs technically supervises the student affairs' units at QOU Branches and Study Centers in accordance with the requirements of its assigned responsibilities.


To provide integrated services to our students, and achieve a good level of adaptation, motivation and affiliation, while giving priority to the preventive and developmental role through advanced working mechanism.


Supporting the students educationally, socially and psychologically in accordance with the educational vision and ensuring convenient environment for the students in accordance to the requirements of the comprehensive quality, as well as seeking to develop the talents of the students and promote their innovative skills to prepare them to become positive, giving and responsible citizens.

  • Loyalty and sense of belonging to the University.
  • Cooperation and teamwork.
  • Excellence in performance and services.
  • Transparency and equality.
  • Continuous development and improvement.
  • Adapting the technology to serve the students and the University.
Goals and Objectives
  • Demonstrating awareness among students in regard to the philosophy, mission and goals of the University.
  • Providing students with social and psychological counselling.
  • Supervising and promoting extra-curricular activities.
  • Supervising and approving the financial aid grants offered to students form the University or from external bodies and develop the related work mechanism.
  • Computerizing the different transactions.
  • Following-up the graduates and providing the possible and relevant services.
  • Helping to enhance the University reputation in the media and in practice through effective ongoing communication with local and international communities.
  • Foster the personality of the student and help it to develop it in order to achieve an appropriate level of adaptation and psychological well-being.
  • Develop an integrated computerized mechanism to follow-up the students’ election process and ensure its accuracy and transparency.
  • Develop a transparent and professional mechanism to follow-up the complaints of the students and their issues in an effective and professional manner.
  • Computerizing the administrative work and develop an effective mechanism for the communication between the Deanship and its different units from one side and with students’ councils from the other side.
Tasks of the Deanship of Students' Affairs
  • Foster and follow-up students’ affairs and help them solve the problems they might encounter;
  • Supervise and support all kinds of extra-curricular activities;
  • Supervise and approve the financial aids and grants offered through the students’ Fund in addition to grants of the distinct students or from external bodies and develop the work mechanism in this regard
  • Fostering the personality of the student and developing it in order to achieve an appropriate level of adaptation and psychological well-being.
  • Supervise the health care programs of students
  • Supervising the elections of the students' councils and clubs.
  • Direct contribution in the academic, educational and psychological counselling and guidance.
  • The Dean of the students’ affairs is a member of the University Council and the Academic Council and participates in all the related activities entitled to these councils.
  • The Dean of students’ Affairs is a main member of the supervising committee of the Graduation Ceremonies.
  • Contribute in raising the reputation of the University in the media and in practice through the effective ongoing communication with the local and international community.
  • Participate in all the University activities that are related to the students in different fields.
  • Follow-up of students' activities and the activities' annual report through the heads of the students' affairs' units.
  • Follow-up for the financial issues with the Deanship of Financial Affairs and the Presidency.
  • Any other assigned tasks.