Quality Council

Quality Council is the decision maker and the higher commission that undertakes setting up Quality policy at QOU.

Tasks of the Council:

  1. Set up, review and endorse general policies for the Quality on the University level.
  2. Set up, review and endorse Executive Regulations for the Quality on the University level.
  3. Approve and supervise Quality projects that are listed in the University strategic plan ; among them:
    • Institutional and program Self-evaluation, academic accreditation and performance indicators.
    • Develop and document academic and administrative work procedures in coordination with the internal and external related parties.
    • Internal and external awareness programs in Quality Assurance field.
  4. Promote studies and procedural researches that deal with the reality of Quality at the University and ensure implementing their recommendations.
  5. Approve the annual report of the Council work before submitting it to the University Council.

Director Assistant of Quality Department in Gaza:
The Director Assistant in Gaza follows-up the issues of Quality assurance of academic, administrative and computerized systems. Furthermore, follows-up the self-evaluation files and any issues instructed by the Department Director.

Quality Teams:
Quality teams were formulated to participate in the implementation of the department’s projects; proceeding from the principle, "Quality is everyone's responsibility”. They include a cadre of qualified technicians from the Branches and the administrative units in order to participate in setting standards and work procedures to prepare Quality manual.