Quality Department

A technical administrative unit that seeks to ensure and develop the Quality of the academic, administrative and computerized system processes. It also conducts training for the staff, on the principles and tools of Quality, in coordination and cooperation with the different Administrative Units benefiting from national and international expertise.

Ensure Quality and Excellence in all fields based on the national and international standards.

Ensure high Quality inputs, outputs, and processes of the academic, administrative and computerized systems through applying Quality tools and principles that comply with most recent techniques.


  • Participatory management and team work spirit.
  • On-going development and improvement.
  • Customers satisfaction (students, parents and employers).
  • Recognition and reward for outstanding performance.
  • Delegation of authorities and granting powers.
  • Compliance with regulations, laws and legislation.
  • Leading Change Management.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Integrity, justice and transparency.