Objectives and Tasks


  1. Developing systems, procedures, and instructions of the work, and adapt them to local and international standards.
  2. Seeking to achieve accreditation for the University and its programs by local, regional and international bodies.
  3. Compliance with Quality and Accreditation standards of open universities.
  4. Spreading Quality culture and promoting knowledge, skills, and trends to apply Quality and Accreditation standards.
  5. Exchanging expertise, in Quality and Accreditation fields, with local, regional and international institutions.


  1. Participate in the University strategic planning, and in the Department project planning.
  2. Set and adopt standards, principles, and mechanisms to implement the Vision and Mission of the Department in harmony with the University's Vision and Mission.
  3. Develop instructions, regulations and work procedures.
  4. Check the computerized systems and audit their inputs, processes and outputs.
  5. Self-Evaluation of the University in accordance with the adopted principles and standards of open universities.
  6. Conducting field visits to the different University’s units aiming at comprehensive follow ups for quality practices.
  7. Follow-up external evaluation, and institutional and program accreditation, of the University and its various Faculties.
  8. Supervise the procedures of the accreditation of new academic programs.
  9. Develop awareness programs for the Quality Department staff.
  10. Implement specialized training programs, on Quality, for the University staff.
  11. Build a network of relationships with local, regional and international, institutions that are specialized in quality and accreditation issues and make partnership agreements and exchange knowledge.
  12. The department seeks to achieve distinction in all work sectors at QOU, and to acquire international quality and distinction certificates.