The Public Relations Department seeks to provide clear, consistent and sound communication services to assist the University in achieving its goals. The Department offers a variety of services including strategic management of promotional resources, crisis management, partnerships, external communication through social networks, printed and electronic resources, short promotional films and animated images, in addition to the management of various activities and conducting internal communication. In implementing these tasks, the Department depends on the various partnerships with the relevant bodies in the University to achieve its strategic objectives of the university.


1.1 Increasing the students’ enrollment in the University

The Public Relations Department works directly with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Deanship of Students' Affairs to build strategies that target high school students (10th, 11th. and 12th grades) and encourage them to enroll in the University. The Department coordinates promotional initiatives to encourage these students to enroll in the University. It tries to access as many school students as possible across the whole country.


1.2 The Annual Report, Journal and promotional materials

The Public Relations Department produces an annual electronic report at the beginning of each academic year, which includes a detailed list of all the Departments, Centers, Faculties, Statistics and annual achievements of the University.

The Journal of the Department is a summary of the information available in the annual report issued by the department. This journal is one of the most important tools used by the Department in the continuous communication with the University graduates and the internal, local and international audiences. It provides the most important information about the impact of the University in the internal and local community, and the level   of its initiatives and achievements during the year. It is issued in both forms:  electronic and printed once or twice a year according to the promotional need. In addition to the journal, other related brochures, promotional leaflets and printed promotional materials are also issued and distributed to the local and international audience. All these promotional materials, printed and electronic, come in both Arabic and English.

1.3 Communication & internal relations

The Public Relations Department publishes brochures for the faculties of the University in Arabic and English in cooperation with the relevant bodies at each Faculty in order to promote the various programs offered by the faculties. The Department also disseminates these brochures in the various governorates through the coordinators to increase the percentage of enrollment in the University.

The Internal relations Section  and with the guidance of the Board of Trustees and the office of the President's Assistant for foreign Affairs  prepares and sends greeting cards to the internal community in the University and to the local community and partner institutions on the special occasions and holidays.

The Department provides all necessary means of assistance to the University's students, faculty members, administrative staff and senior administrative members to facilitate their work in partnership with the concerned authorities at the University. Furthermore, and through the ongoing promotional programs, the Department promotes the dissemination of the achievements of faculty members , administrative staff and students in partnership with the Media Department, the Technical Production Center and Al-Quds Educational TV Channel.


1.4 The Web Page

The Public Relations Department enhances the general concept of the University and supports its strategic initiatives through the strategic plans of the Department. Hence, it issues the necessary materials that target the internal community through the various channels of communication.

The Department also manages the University's website in both Arabic and English by collecting the necessary information for the page in cooperation with the different bodies in the University,


1.5 Photographic & video materials

Visual art is an important factor in the Public Relations Department's strategy because it has the power to attract public attention and to draw a bright image of the University. The Department presents photographs and professional short films on its web page in addition to various promotional materials. In this regard, it works in cooperation with the Production Center, Al-Quds Educational TV Channel and the Media Department to provide these materials in order to reflect a bright image for the educational and professional Life at the University.


1.6 Social Media Networks

The Public Relations Department, in cooperation with the ICTC center develops and implements new communication tools to enhance communication with the internal and external public. Thus in addition to the University's web page, the Department has a special Facebook page that facilitates communication with its internal and local audiences to promote its services and achievements in order to keep its audience well informed of all developments that take place at the University.


1.7 The Management of the University's activities

The Department of Public Relations is responsible for planning and implementing the annual activities of the University, such as organizing the groundbreaking ceremonies, opening a new building for a particular branch, special events, and those related to the office of the University President and senior management, student and faculty meetings, workshops and other activities.

All the activities of the department support the mission of the University through enhancing the participation of the local and international audience. The Department also provides advice and consultancy to Faculties, Departments, Centers and Units in the University regarding protocols and the planning of various events to ensure quality in the delivery of services in partnership with the Quality Department.