The Public Relations Department is considered the center of communication with the internal and local community, the information platform and the leader of electronic and promotional communication. The Department is directly affiliated with the President of the University. It consists of four different sections as well as other support bodies. Each section is in charge of following up a particular aspect to enhance the University's image and performance internally and locally.

  1. Internal and Local Relations section:
    The Internal and Local Relations Section undertakes the following activities:

    Printing & Design
    • Designing promotional brochures for the Faculties to promote their programs
    • Providing assistance and planning important issues related to promoting the University.
    • Designing and publishing the annual report that reflects the achievements of the University during the year in both Arabic and English.
    • Designing and publishing the PR journal in Arabic and English

    Internal Communication:
    • Providing advice to individuals, Departments and units regarding logistics and various means of communication.
    • Establishing ongoing communication with relevant bodies at the university to collect and exchange information, resources and promotional best practices.
    • Coordinating for visits, to and from the Office of the President of the University, and following-up the required booking of the meeting halls, hospitality, accommodation, etc.
    • Working in partnership with the relevant bodies in the University to prepare the various agreements and memorandums of understanding.
    • Following-up the correspondences of the University, via email or fax, inform the President of the University of these Correspondences and forward them to the concerned bodies at the University.
    • Following-up public relations coordinators at the university's branches.
    • Preparing souvenirs for the University guests.

    Communication with local audience:
    • Communicating with the official bodies, private sector, civil institutions and the local public.
    • Preparing the necessary invitations to the concerned parties to attend the various activities carried out by the University throughout the year.
    • Ongoing communication with the active bodies that implement the various events
    • Promoting the achievements of the University teachers and students, nationally and internationally, in partnership with the Assistant of the President for International Relations.

  2. Event Management:
    • Taking all measures to ensure that all planned activities are of the highest quality, and their objectives are achieved.
    • Working in partnership with the various departments, centers and faculties in the University to produce unique, pioneering and positive activities that enhance the University's work in stimulating students and serving the community.
    • Arranging and planning all logistic issues, including: booking, accommodation, hospitality, design work, publications, invitations, and all related issues to enhance the success of the event.

  3. Fundraising
    The fundraising section works on:
    • Developing proposals for the activity to be implemented, if not funded.
    • Visiting local and international donors in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs and relevant bodies and urging them to support and sponsor planned activities.
    • Implementing the annual activities of the Department annually to raise funds to cover the costs of other activities at the University.

  4. Web page, social media and translation

    Translation& Editing:
    • Editing the documents received by the PR Department from other departments whether in Arabic and / or English.
    • Translating the contents of the webpage into English and updating information in both languages
    • Providing translation services in Arabic and English to different bodies in the University.

    Webpage& Social Media:
    • Communicating with the audience through the webpage and the Facebook page of the Public Relations Department to keep them abreast of all developments at the University.
    • Organizing a series of promotional short animated films and Info-graphics for the webpage.
    • Updating the website annually and ensuring that all information is contained.

  5. Supporting Bodies:
    • Public Relations Employee: Provides the needed administrative and planning support to all sections of the Public Relations Department.
    • Telephone Operator: Facilitates communication and accessing internal and external contact information.
    • Volunteers / Interns: Work with all sections of the Public Relations Department, and provide the assistance assigned to them by the Director of the PR Department.
    • Coordinators of the Public Relations Departments in the different Branches: They are the link between the branches and the different institutions in their regions.