Department of Media


In recognition of the major role that Media plays to embody the University's scientific awareness and national mission, the Presidency of QOU took a decision to establish The Department of Media beginning of the academic year (2016/2017). The decision aimed at achieving professional, objective and reliable Media at QOU using modern techniques, channels and tools capable of transferring the content of the Media discourse of the University, through the coverage of the University activities, the follow up of its achievements and capabilities and innovations of its students. The Media Department at QOU also works on developing informative brochures for its philosophy and educational patterns, in addition to disseminating the publications of the intellectual and scientific production of the University. QOU on the scientific and Media competencies that abound in the University throughout the country, and in line with the overall strategic plan of the University, within an integral path that is consistent with the three functions of the University; academic, research and community service.


Modern Media based on professionalism and capable of expressing the University's ethical values and achieving its national goals.


Strengthening the presence and impact of the University and highlighting its excellence and achievements and building a solid mental factual image for its function and distinction.

  • Publishing the University’s news in different Media.
  • Preparing and editing the University’s bulletins and publications.
  • Keeping on building a positive image of the University and its academic and administrative functions highlighting its constant keeping up with modern technology in all fields of education.
  • Enhancing the trust of the audience through professionalism, credibility and accuracy.
  • Highlighting the achievements and innovations of academics and students of QOU.
  • Monitoring and following -up events and activities organized at branches, colleges, deanships and departments.
  • Making partnerships with written, audio, visual and electronic Media organizations.
  • Contributing to raise the level of awareness of our students and promoting their positive behavior and moral values.
  • Publishing new information that are useful for the university.
  • Highlighting the most important cognitive issues and advanced technology; and keeping pace with the technological developments in education.
  • Developing Media Product by ensuring the quality and distinction of its content.
  1. Credibility.
  2. Accuracy.
  3. Integrity.
  4. Objectivity.
  5. Clarity.
  6. Neutrality.
  7. Inclusiveness.
  8. Cohesion.
  9. Quality.
  10. Respect for the University’s regulations and the Constitution of the Palestinian state.
  11. Recognize the mistakes when they occur; correct them and prevent their recurrence.
Media Releases

  1. “The University’s Newsletter”: Issued quarterly (addresses the most important achievements of the University in various fields).
  2. “ Yanabee' ”: a magazine that is published annually, (a community magazine; it deals with the most important issues that concern the Palestinian community and connect the University to society in various fields).
  3. The Annual Agenda of the University.
  4. Participation in the preparation of various bulletins of the University’s centers and departments.