The Vice President for Academic Affairs Office

The office is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It supervises the following faculties:

  1. Faculty of Technology and Applied sciences.
  2. Faculty of Agriculture.
  3. Faculty of Social and Family Development.
  4. Faculty of Administrative and Economical Sciences.
  5. Faculty of Educational Sciences.
  6. Faculty of Media.
  7. Faculty of Arts.
  8. Faculty of Graduate Studies.
In addition to the supervision of other deanships, departments and centers:

  • Deanship of Scientific Research.
  • Deanship of Graduate Studies.
  • Deanship of Admission, Registration and Examination.
  • Deanship of Curriculum and Textbooks.
  • Department of Libraries.
  • Assessment Center.
  • Open Learning Center(OLC).
  • Continuing Education Center and Community Service (CEC).
  • Future Studies and Opinion Polls Center.
  • Media Production Center (MPC).
  • Information Technology and communications Center (ICTC).

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs Office

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs Office is responsible for drafting, revising, developing, and updating regulations and bylaws of the University to best serve QOU and its staff. The office supervises the execution and implementation of the bylaws and regulations in all of its administrative units, in a precise and professional manner.

Other missions include addressing the requirements of the various administrative units at the University through the recruitment of qualified and competent staff, supplement of equipment and tools, and providing any other needed administrative services or tasks. The office also fosters and boosts the development and operations of the Academic Affairs' Office. Furthermore, it follows up the legal affairs of the University with the legal advisors.

The Administrative Affairs Office is also concerned with the implementing of sound performance of its units through two steps, Comprehensive monitoring and supervision of its procedures; and the follow up with the latest updates and technology.

Besides the aforementioned, the office supervises different departments: Human Resources and Procurement department; Central Archiving Office, Maintenance and Services Department, and the mailroom.

The Vice President for Gaza Strip Affairs Office

The geographical separation of Gaza Strip from the West Bank, and the difficulties imposed by the Israeli occupation, called for a need to establish a Vice President Office for the University in Gaza in 2002 to ensure that the University operations are implemented efficiently, maintaining the quality of education and administration. The Office of the Vice President for Gaza manages the five different branches of the University in the strip, and it’s directly supervised by the President of the University.

The office is considered a communication channel between the main presidency office of the University and the students in Gaza. It also forms a channel with the different sectors of the community in Gaza to fulfill their needs from education.

The Vice President for Financial Affairs Office

The financial Affairs Office is an integral and vital part of the University that manages its financial resources. The office handles the following tasks:

  • Maintaining the integrity and the process of the financial procedures and transactions according to the common regulations and principles of accounting and the University bylaws.
  • Maintaining and managing financial stability and resources of the University to ensure its continuous development and prosperity on local and regional levels.
The Financial Affairs Office was designed to cope with the continuous expansion and development of the University on local and regional levels. Thus, precision, flexibility, clarity, and transparency are the framework of the financial process of the University to ensure quality and professionalism. The office also cooperates and coordinates with the rest of the University departments to fulfill their requirements and provide professional and efficient services according to the University's bylaws.

Core Values:
Integrity, honesty, accuracy, transparency, clarity, teamwork, cooperation, and flexibility.

  • Managing, diversifying, and developing the financial resources.
  • Enhancing and developing the financial system and bylaws to meet the changing requirements of the University.
  • Developing knowledge and technical competencies of the staff.
  • Developing strategic plans to manage the financial resources efficiently.
  • Strengthening the work of the Internal Audit Unit.
Other tasks:
  • Recording transactions and issuing financial statements according to the common regulations and principles of accounting.
  • Maintaining and managing financial resources and assets.
  • Providing accurate financial information to other departments and policymakers to facilitate their operations.
  • Preparing the annual budget in cooperation with the other departments.
  • Issuing financial statements and reports, as well as final accounts.