Quality Council

Quality Council is a high body responsible for setting quality assurance policy and related decisions at the University. It’s chaired by the president of the University and the membership of qualified representatives from the different administrative units at the University. The council has several tasks:

  1. To set, revise, and approve quality assurance policy, and regulations of its implementation at the University.
  2. To approve and monitor quality assurance drafts which are listed within the overall strategic plan of the University, such as:
    • Institutional self-assessment, academic accreditation and performance assessment indicators.
    • To develop and record work process to facilitate academic and administrative operations in coordination with external and internal units.
    • To organize educational and awareness seminars and workshops regarding quality assurance.
  3. To promote studies and surveys that explore the present features of quality at the University, and to implement the concluded recommendations.
  4. To approve the annual report of the Quality Council before submission to the University Council.
Permanent Membership:
  • Prof. Younes Amr, Chairman of the Council.
  • Prof. Samir Al Najdi, Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Dr. Marwan Darwish, Vice President for Administrative Affairs.
  • Dr. Issam Khalil, Vice President for Financial Affairs.
  • Prof. Jihad Al Batsh, Vice President for Gaza Strip Affairs.
  • Dr. Eng. Yousif Sabbah, Director of Quality Department, Secretary General of the Council, Assistant President for Quality.
  • Dr. Eng. Islam Amr, Assistant President for Technology & Production Affairs/ Director of ICTC, Representing Technology and Production.
  • Dr. Jasir Khalil, Director of Planning and Development Department, representing Planning and Development Sector.
  • Dr. Alaa Al shakhshir, Assistant President for Monitoring Affairs, President Office representative.
  • Prof. Mohammad Shahin, Dean of student affairs. Student affairs representative.
Temporary Members (two academic years):
  • Mr. Bahaa Thabet, Acting Director of Open Learning Center - representing Open Learning and e-learning.
  • Mr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh, Director of Continuing Education and Community Service Center, representing Continuous Learning and Community service.
  • Dr. Mohamad Abu ALjabeen, Director of Northern Gaza Branch, representing educational branches.
  • Mr. Mohammad Kassab (Student), Head of the Students Council (academic committee) Qalqilia Branch- representing students.