The major of Marketing aims at preparing qualified graduates in the field of Marketing who will meet the needs of the labor market in both private and public sectors in the field of marketing.

The specialization aims to:
  • Identify contemporary trends in Marketing.
  • Study consumption trends and their determinants and strategic approaches.
  • Identify strategies of target market entry on the international and local levels, along with parameters of market selection and analysis of its features.
  • Identify marketing environment and analyze its local and international components.
  • Introduce production planning through identifying the life cycle of products.
  • Introduce strategies for the developments of products and the innovation of new ones.
  • Explore price policies of different companies and establishments.
  • Identify conventional and unconventional distribution channels.
  • Master advertising and promotion in sales.
  • Master the art of negotiation and bargaining.
  • Conduct market research and analysis, and design computerized databases.
  • Utilize quantitative methods for future speculations.

The following are minor specializations available for the students of Marketing:

  • Minor in Health Management.
  • Minor in Business Administration.
  • Minor in Accounting.
  • Minor in Financial Sciences and Banking.
  • Minor in Economy.