Instructions and Mechanism of Transferring to the Digital Media Major

Any student who would like to transfer to The New Media Major should follow the instructions below:

  1. The student’s accumulative average should be "Good" or above.
  2. The student should pass an interview with a committee composed from the Dean of the Faculty and two other Faculty members to examine his/her general knowledge and personality.
  3. The student should pass English and Arabic language level tests to determine his/her capabilities in writing, comprehension, and speaking. Please note that there is 30 JOD fee for the exam.
  4. Priority in acceptance will be given to those who obtained the highest marks in both the language level exams and the interview.
  5. The accepted student should study remedial courses (no more than two courses).
  6. Credits from other majors will be accounted if they only fall within the study plan of The New Media, and if the student scored 70% or above in the course.

This procedure is implemented starting from the academic year 2015-2016.