In cooperation with The Media Production Center (MPC), The Program offers a group of practical training courses which aim at preparing competent graduates, and developing their practical skills in Journalism. The study plan of the major contains 10 training courses offered to the students throughout the duration of their study. The courses are supervised by a group of media experts, and will assist students to engage in the labor market, equipped with the latest practical and technical skills. The courses are:

  1. Production of Public Service Announcement (PSA)
  2. Radio Montage.
  3. Radio stories.
  4. T.V reporting.
  5. T.V filming.
  6. Video Montage.
  7. Public relations.
  8. Art of diction and public speaking.
  9. News writing.
  10. Political campaign management.

During the first year, students receive the following two practical training courses:

  1. Public Service Announcement course (PAS) (Preparing Ads) aims to introduce public service announcement, its purposes, its models, and the approaches of producing creative advertisement, as well as reaching the target audience.
  2. Radio Programs Production course, which includes introduction to the radio industry, news production for radio, and presenting and preparing radio programs. The course also includes field visits to radio stations, to familiarize students with the industry on the ground.

The New Media Major seeks to develop competent graduates who can operate in the various fields of the Media within a framework of professionalism and work ethics.