Major of New Media

The development of internet has changed the form, process, and concept of traditional journalism; in today’s world, success of Journalism is connected with the success of the following two concepts, interactive journalism and comprehensive journalism.

In the light of interactive journalism, the citizen is able to contribute in producing the information and affect its flow without guidance or supervision. The citizen is no longer a mere consumer, he/she can be the source and the generator of information. For instance, the development of smartphones and cameras enables individuals to capture raw footages, and publish them online with any desired captions to later disseminate them through the means of social media. This has provided a powerful tool for citizens to influence the public opinion and steer new social movement. Consequently, major media corporations started following the trend. However, in more complex and regulated manner to produce a powerful message through the outlets of social media, to reach the largest possible number of people. As a result, Social Media became more powerful and influential than traditional media. For instance, a study showed that 60 % of Palestinian youth in the present obtain their information and news from the internet, surpassing the traditional media.

Thus, the regression in the role of traditional media and the increasing interest in digital media obliged major media corporations to use and invest in the digital realm to produce and disseminate their information flow. Consequently, Faculties of media are now also obligated to follow the current trend and develop academic programs in accordance with the latest developments to produce graduates who can work in any field of journalism, including social media and websites.

On the other hand, comprehensive journalism represents a new domain where journalists are able to, individually, write for all outlets of media, produce news and information in various forms, use latest technologies and techniques, film and montage videos for T.V, preform sound-engineer for radio channels, and produce suitable news for social media outlets and disseminate it through the internet.

Al-Quds Open University followed these concepts while developing its new academic major “New Media.” to produce qualified graduates who can work in all outlets of media and raise their competitiveness at regional and local labor market.