Dean’s Message

A Word from The Dean:

Al-Quds Open University is a leading institution in the field of education for following the latest methodologies of teaching in the fields of new media and journalism, and embedding the latest related theories and trainings. Thus, in the light of technology and internet advancement and their applications, the University initiated a new academic program entitled “New Media.” The dynamic of journalism and media in today’s world has changed due to the appearance of social media; generating information and news are no longer monopolized by the main actors such as governments, corporations, and political parties. Any citizen with access to internet is now able to produce and deliver a message that might have a major impact on the public opinion and ability to steer new social movements. “Digital Age” is now the feature of our current century where traditional media (Radio, T.V, and Newspapers) are using social media as part of their resources as some major events are taking place within the digital realm.

The new Major of New Media will address the needs of the local and Arab region for qualified journalists who have comprehensive knowledge in media and journalism, including running social media accounts and websites.