The Delaying or temporary suspension of study
  1. The student can delay study if he/she has newly enrolled in the University or moved to it and successfully accomplished at least 2 credit hours;
  2. The student can fill a special form (study delay form) during the first month of the semester and submit it to the Director of the Center/Branch presenting justifications for the delay and its duration. The Director of the Branch/Center takes the relevant decision and informs the concerned parties. The delay should not exceed six semesters;
  3. Whatever time the student spends in prison; his/her guardian has to inform the University in writing within the first two months of the arrest; consequently, the semester study is delayed until the student is released;
  4. The delay period is not calculated from the allowed maximum study duration to obtain a degree.
  5. If the student is not registered as a regular student and did not receive a written approval from the Director of the Branch/ Center, he or she will lose his university seat. In this case, the student can submit a new application to enroll in the University and if admitted then he/she maintains his/her whole academic record if he/she wishes so, and can resume the graduation requirements based on the study plan of the university when back. Both of the study period and the delaying period are calculated within the maximum allowed number of semesters.
  6. If the student who suspended his/her study wishes to re-enroll in the University; then he has to submit a new application in accordance to with the rules and regulations of the University. If the student is admitted then he/she will be given a new University number and has the right to submit a request to calculate the courses that he passed in his previous semesters if they are required in the study plan of the new specialization on the condition that the grades in these courses are not below (60%)
  7. The student who suspends his/her study will be charged 30 JDs fees for the first or second time of suspension while this amount will be increased by 30JDs after the second time of suspension.