The Academic Department

The Vice-President for Academic Affairs heads the Academic Department. It includes The Faculty of Technology & Applied Sciences, The Faculty of Agriculture, The Faculty of Social & Family Development, The Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences, The Faculty of Educational Sciences, The Faculty of Media, The Faculty of Arts, Deanship of Scientific Research & Graduate Studies, Deanship of Admission, Registration & Examinations, Curriculum & Courses Department, Libraries Department, Measurement & Evaluation Center, Open Learning Center (OLC), and Continuing Education & Community Service Center.

Study System

The University adopts the Open Learning System, which enables students to access education regardless of where they reside. Through this system, students can combine between education and work, and adapt their study plan in accordance with their circumstances. Open Learning is based on self-learning and on the independency of the learner, in addition to the use of multi-media: written, audio, visual and electronic to enable the students to access text materials wherever they are. The University applies the credit hours' system as well as required /selective courses' method.
Recently, QOU adopted the Blended-Learning system that combines e-Learning with the face to face learning system.

The academic year is divided into:

  1. First semester consists of 16 weeks
  2. Second semester consists of 16 weeks
  3. Summer course consists of 7 weeks
Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is Arabic, while some courses might be taught in English based on a recommendation from the Academic Council and a decision taken by the University Council.

The Academic Council

The main task of the Academic Council is formulating the general academic policy and developing the academic affairs of the University. The current Academic Council is composed of the following:

Prof. Samir Al-Najdi Vice President for Academic Affairs Chairman
Prof. Mohammad Al -Titi Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Vice Chair / Secretary
Prof. Mohammed Shahin Dean of Students' Affairs- Assistant President for Student Affairs Member
Prof. Jamal Ibrahim Dean of Admission, Registration & Examinations Member
Prof. Husni Awad Dean of Scientific Research & Graduate Studies Member
Prof. Hani Abu Al-Rob Dean of the Faculty of Arts Member
Prof. Majdi Zamel Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences Member
Prof. Ziad Al Jerjawi Assistant President for Gaza Strip Affairs
Dr. Yousef Abu Farah Dean of The Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences Member
Dr. Imad Eshtaya Dean of The Faculty of Social and Family Development Member
Dr. Yousef Abu Zir Dean of The Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences Member
Dr. Maen Shiqwarah Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Member
Dr. Shadi Abu Ayyash Acting Dean of the Faculty of Media
Dr. Shahir Hajeh Dean of The Faculty of Agriculture Member
Dr. Eng. Yousef Sabbah Director of Quality Department- Secretary to the Board of Trustees- Assistant President for Quality Affairs Member
Dr. Isra' Abu Ayyash Director of Measurement & Evaluation Center Member
Dr. Imad Nashwan Director of Al-Wusta Branch- Gaza Strip Member
Dr. Marwan Al Kouni Faculty Member- Nablus Branch Member
Dr. Mohye Eddin Harara Faculty Member- Khan Younes Branch Member
Mr. Bahaa' Thabet Acting Director of Open Learning Center (OLC) Member
Ms. Randa Ghuneim Totah Director of Curricula and Textbooks Department Member
Mr. Ziad Al-Wawy Head of Regional Students' Council Member